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Skanska Secures $150M Data Center Expansion in Arizona's Tech Market


Michael Chen

May 10, 2024 - 05:42 am


Skanska Lands Additional $150M Data Center Project in Arizona

STOCKHOLM, May 10, 2024 – Skanska, a leading global construction and development firm, has announced the expansion of its project portfolio with a substantial supplemental contract to construct a state-of-the-art data center in Arizona, USA. This award, valued at USD 150 million, which is equivalent to approximately SEK 1.6 billion, marks a significant addition to the company's bookings in the North American market and will be officially recorded in Skanska's US order bookings for the second quarter of 2024.

A Glimpse into the Future Data Hub

The project, which is already underway, consists of a sprawling single-story data center that will extend across approximately 22,700 square meters. Designed to be a secure and reliable facility, the data center will house and protect vital digital information and resources. Skanska focuses on delivering top-tier, sustainable construction services, ensuring the data center will be built to the highest standards of efficiency and performance.

Timely Execution and Expert Handling

In the fast-moving world of information technology, data centers have become crucial assets. Recognizing the critical need for timely completion, Skanska has committed to delivering the project within a streamlined time frame. With construction well underway, the completion of this modern technological infrastructure is targeted for the second quarter of 2025. Leveraging Skanska's extensive expertise in constructing high-tech facilities, the project is on track to meet the specified deadline, anticipating a smooth and on-schedule handover to the client.

Contact Information for Further Inquiries

To ensure transparency and maintain open lines of communication, Skanska has provided direct contacts for media inquiries and further information about the data center project. Daniela Arellano, Communications Director for Skanska USA, is available at +1 213-317-4977 for queries related to the US operations. Additionally, Andreas Joons, the Press Officer for the Skanska Group, can be contacted at +46 76 870 75 51. A dedicated media hotline, +46 (0)10 448 88 99, has also been established to facilitate media engagements and information dissemination.

Information at Your Fingertips

For those interested in more detailed information about Skanska, its projects, and corporate announcements, the official website provides a comprehensive repository of past and present releases pertaining to the company's operations and activities. This resource is instrumental for stakeholders and the public to stay informed about Skanska’s continuous developments and achievements in the construction and development environment.

Harnessing the Power of Digital Media

Cision, the notable company behind newswire services, acts as the conduit for disseminating Skanska's official information. Their platform can be accessed at, where various releases, including Skanska’s, are available. This underscores the firm's commitment to leveraging digital channels to communicate effectively with stakeholders and the public.

Detailed Press Release Available

For media outlets and interested parties, Skanska has made a comprehensive press release available for download. The document provides an in-depth look at the specifics of the data center project, the financial implications, and the expected impact on Skanska's market position. The release can be accessed through the following link: Press Release Download.

Direct Source Reference

To gain a deeper insight into the contractual developments of the project, the following URL provides additional information on the supplemental award for the Arizona data center and its valuation: Supplemental Award Details.

Commitment to Building What Matters

Skanska's latest project in Arizona is a testament to their dedication to building essential infrastructure that facilitates technological progress and information security. With a pronounced surge in data consumption and the subsequent need for robust data storage solutions, Skanska's foray into constructing cutting-edge data centers signifies their alignment with the current and future needs of the digital economy. The meticulous attention to detail and commitment to sustainability and innovation positions Skanska as a forward-thinking leader in the construction industry.

As the reliance on digital data continues to rise at a staggering pace, the role of physical infrastructure to support this digital ecosystem becomes ever more pivotal. Skanska's undertaking in Arizona exemplifies how brick-and-mortar construction integrates with the digital landscape, underpinning the smooth operation of businesses, government entities, and society at large.

Delivering on Milestones

The announcement of the supplement to the existing contract showcases Skanska's prowess in not only securing new bids but also in expanding their existing agreements due to client satisfaction and excellence in execution. Timeliness and adherence to project milestones set Skanska apart as a reliable partner in the realm of construction, crucial factors that are reflected in the project's expedited completion date in 2025.

Their ability to navigate the complexities of such a demanding project sheds light on Skanska’s organizational capabilities. This efficiency is a crucial element, as data centers require specific standards in terms of redundancy, fault tolerance, and energy consumption. These are not just technical requirements, but they also directly influence the operational integrity and cost-effectiveness of the facilities Skanska constructs.

Anchoring Growth in the US Market

With Skanska's US order bookings seeing a boost through this supplemental award, the company is reinforcing its position in the lucrative North American market. This achievement further cements their reputation as a construction firm that is adept at tackling large-scale, multifaceted projects. The strategic growth in the US also diversifies Skanska's global portfolio and underscores their commitment to contributing to the nation’s high-tech infrastructure.

Meeting Global Data Needs

The demand for data centers is not simply a national matter but one of international urgency and significance. As businesses and consumers worldwide become more interconnected, the necessity for reliable data storage and processing facilities escalates. Skanska is meeting this global need, aligning its strategic vision with the demands of the digital age, and the expansion of their project in Arizona serves as a blueprint for future developments across the globe.

Ensuring Top-Notch Quality

Skanska's relentless pursuit of quality and performance is evident in their approach to building data centers. Airflow management, cooling optimization, and energy efficiency are all considerations that Skanska meticulously plans for during the construction process. These factors are not mere afterthoughts but are ingrained in their project blueprints from day one. This integrative approach to the construction process guarantees that the final product not only meets but exceeds industry standards.

Emphasizing Sustainable Development

Sustainability is at the heart of Skanska's ethos. The company's commitment to the environment is reflected in their adherence to green building practices, which is particularly important in data center construction due to the traditionally high energy demands of such facilities. Skanska is leading the charge in transforming these power-hungry behemoths into models of efficiency and sustainability, thus aligning their business practices with the growing global call for environmental stewardship.

Anticipating the Future of Digital Infrastructure

Looking ahead, the completion of the Arizona data center is just the beginning of Skanska's journey towards shaping the landscape of digital infrastructure. This facility will serve as a critical node in the broader network of data centers required to support the massive influx of data consumption anticipated in the coming years. Skanska is positioning itself as a key player in the development of these integral components of our technological future.

Building a Skanska’s Reputation Drawer

Skanska's expertise and innovation in construction stretch beyond mere brick and mortar, propelling them into the vanguard of the digital age. Each successful project, such as the one in Arizona, not only advances the capabilities of data storage and management but also elevates Skanska's standing in the industry. The Arizona data center is just one more feather in Skanska's cap, a testament to the trust that clients place in their abilities and the evidence of their unwavering commitment to excellence.


As the world continues to digitize, the need for advanced infrastructure to support this transformation intensifies. Skanska's expansion into the data center market, evidenced by the supplemental award for the Arizona project, showcases their adaptability and foresight. With a completion date set, Skanska is on track to delivering another landmark project that not only bolsters its portfolio but also significantly contributes to the digital evolution. For more information about Skanska and their projects, visit their website and peruse the press release, which offers a deep dive into the details of this monumental undertaki