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Reimagining a Classic: The 2025 Indian Scout Motorcycle Series Merges Tradition with High-Tech


Robert Tavares

April 2, 2024 - 16:29 pm


Indian Motorcycle's Iconic 2025 Scout Lineup: An Unprecedented Blend of Heritage, Performance, and Technology

In a move that pays homage to its storied past while accelerating into the future, Indian Motorcycle, America's inaugural motorcycle brand, has unveiled its groundbreaking 2025 Indian Scout lineup. The much-anticipated reveal boasts a unique amalgam of classic American design aesthetics, a legendary confluence of power and handling, along with cutting-edge rider technology, all designed to captivate modern riders.

Celebrate the Heritage, Ride the Legend

Without question, the Indian Scout has cemented itself as the quintessence of American cruising motorcycles. Indian Motorcycle has amplified this status by incorporating an impressive array of models and trim levels to meet a diverse range of rider preferences and budgets. The 2025 lineup introduces five distinct models—the Scout Bobber, Sport Scout, Scout Classic, Super Scout, and the 101 Scout—each tailored to deliver a ride as unique as the person who commands it.

Leveraging a rich, racing heritage, this next generation of Scout motorcycles offers more than a nod to its lineage; it provides a full-throated celebration. Further enhancing this tradition is the SpeedPlus Engine—a newly developed 1250cc liquid-cooled, V-Twin powerhouse capable of generating an exhilarating 111 horsepower.

The new steel tube frame, while representative of the timeless style intrinsic to the Scout name, also presents an easier canvas for customization—inviting riders to imprint their personal style individuality. Equally, the lightweight construction, low seat height, and nimble handling characteristics reinforce a balance that will instill rider confidence.

Adding further allure, Indian Motorcycle has curated over 100 accessories for the Scout family, providing a plethora of personalization options for the entire lineup. Each model and trim is poised to meet the bespoke desires of the rider, ensuring that no two bikes need be alike.

Unveiled in Minneapolis on April 2nd, 2024, the Indian Motorcycle Company introduced the new Scout family proclaiming more than a renewal but an evolution that stays true to the venerable Indian Scout DNA. This is not merely a reimagining; it represents the distillation of insights gleaned from passionate riders worldwide—insights that have informed advancements in performance, technology, and ride-worthy amenities.

A Ride That's Uniquely Yours

The new Indian Scout lineup enters the market as an industry benchmark for performance, usability, and comfort. Sporting the industry's lowest seat height, it promises a position that inspires confidence, complemented by dynamic handling. The inclusion of ABS across all models escalates braking capabilities and enhances rider safety, while advanced features such as Traction Control and Ride Modes offer a customized riding experience at the tap of a button.

Mike Dougherty, President of Indian Motorcycle, articulates the Scout as the hallmark of the brand, a key component of their long-standing tenure, and a model cherished by a global riding community. He expresses excitement about escalating the Scout's evolution to address the changing needs and aspirations of riders.

Ola Stenegard, the Director of Product Design, echoes similar sentiments. Passion permeates his description of leading the design for the next evolutionary step of the Scout. Recognizing the imperative to adhere to the Scout's iconic lineage, he emphasizes the fundamental role of the steel frame and V-Twin engine in creating a bike that remains timeless in style and ripe for customization.

From a reimagined 1250cc liquid-cooled engine to a six-speed transmission married to electronic fuel injection, each Scout model boasts brisk acceleration and robust passing power. These models cater to a swath of riders, from those adhering to tradition to those seeking the zenith of performance and technology.

The introduction of this entirely new platform includes a series of five models, each with varying trim levels. This ensures a Scout to match the unique style and performance desires of a diverse riding demographic.

Defining the Models

The Indian Scout Bobber

The Scout Bobber exudes a stripped-down style with an aggressive posture and an emphasis on raw power. With design cues like blacked-out elements, chopped fenders, and an iconic headlight nacelle, it commands a presence that is undeniably bobber in spirit.

The Indian Sport Scout

For the more spirited rider, the Sport Scout embodies the legacy of the Scout but with a modern edge. Equipped with moto-style elements and a sport-style seat that does not sacrifice comfort, this model is built for those who seek enhanced back support and agile handling.

The Indian Scout Classic

Exemplifying the marriage of heritage and modern cruising, the Scout Classic comes adorned in premium materials. Chrome detailing, wire wheels, and signature flared fenders define a motorcycle that is as classic in looks as it is contemporary in ride.

The Indian Super Scout

The staple for the open-road adventurer, the Super Scout is well-appointed for long journeys. Standard features like saddlebags, a windshield, and a smooth suspension offer both practicality and indulgence.

The Indian 101 Scout

The 101 Scout rests at the pinnacle of the lineup in terms of performance-driven design. It's the ultimate blend of speed, style, and heritage, delivered with premium components that affirm the bike's prowess.

Tech-Savvy Trims for the Modern Rider

Introducing trims that cater to the tech-inclined, the 2025 Scout family comes in three lavish iterations: the Standard Trim, the Limited Trim, and the Limited +Tech Trim. With each ascending level, riders gain access to progressively sophisticated technology and features, from ABS and LED lighting to more advanced ride-enhancing tech like selectable ride modes and touch-screen displays powered by RIDE COMMAND.

Standard Trim

This trim provides a gateway into the Scout family, packing essentials such as ABS, new LED lighting, and economical analog gauges for a well-rounded package at an accessible price point.

Limited Trim

Building on the Standard, the Limited Trim introduces rider-centric technology like Traction Control and Cruise Control for a premium ride experience, mirroring the rider's lifestyle on the open road.

Limited +Tech Trim

At the zenith of the Scout family is the Limited +Tech Trim. It presents Indian Motorcycle's innovative touch-screen powered by RIDE COMMAND, keyless ignition, and connected services that set a new standard for informed, connected riding experiences.

Personalize Your Legend

The slew of Scout accessories presents riders with the freedom to customize their motorcycles in ways that resonate with their unique riding styles. Whether focusing on comfort, style, or practical applications, over 100 accessory options mean the Scout can transform to meet any rider's preference.

Scout Family Accessory Collections

Indian Motorcycle has conscientiously curated four distinct collections of accessories:


Geared towards extended travel, the Overnighter Collection blends style and functionality, offering accessories like the Solo Luggage Rack, Touring Windshield, and Touring Saddlebags for a comfortable journey.


The Commuter Collection emphasizes daily utility, bringing together ergonomic seats, adjustable handlebars, and a secure phone mount for a seamless transition from cruising to commuting.


With the Stealth Collection, the focus is on a bold, assertive appearance complemented by high functionality. This collection boasts sleek turn signals, a Pathfinder LED Headlight, and a myriad of blacked-out components that exude an air of mystery and individualism.

Open Roads

For those who chase horizons, the Open Roads Collection offers accessories like Highway Bars and LED Driving Lights, enhancing visibility and comfort for the long haul.

Iconic Style, Attractive Pricing

Indian Motorcycle remains transparent with its pricing structure, clearly delineating the costs across the range of Scout models. The pricing spectrum ensures that riders can choose their perfect Indian Scout without any surprises:

Indian Scout Bobber

  • Starting at $12,999, available in a choice of colors, with the Limited and Limited +Tech Trims offering additional color options and metallic finishes.

Indian Sport Scout

  • Begins at $13,499 for the base model, ascending to $15,199 for the Limited +Tech Trim which includes an array of colors and finishes.

Indian Scout Classic

  • Pricing commences at $13,999 with the entry model, culminating with the Limited +Tech Trim at $15,699, presenting a sweep of elegant colors.

Indian Super Scout & 101 Scout

  • The Super Scout Limited +Tech commences at $16,499, while the 101 Scout Limited +Tech starts at $16,999, embodying the pinnacle of Scout luxury and technology, offered in striking colors with graphic options.

As spring blooms, so will the new Scout line, rolling out to enthusiasts in May. For those eager to learn more about the reinvented Scout range or to see the bikes firsthand, a visit to or a local Indian Motorcycle dealership is a ride worth taking. Riders can also stay connected through Indian Motorcycle's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube channels for the latest updates and community engagement.

An American Icon Is Reborn

As these motorcycles prepare to grace roads and trails, Indian Motorcycle continues to redefine what it means to ride an American classic. The 2025 Scout lineup represents a visionary path forward, merging time-honored traditions with contemporary expectations—readying every rider to carve their own piece of history.

Indeed, the company's mission stretches beyond merely constructing motorcycles; they strive to be custodians of a legacy, honorers of a culture steeped in two-wheeled triumphs. Riders who choose the Scout are not just selecting a motorcycle; they are becoming part of an enduring legacy, one that continues to flourish with each mile traversed and each journey embarked upon.

It is Indian Motorcycle's indomitable spirit and commitment to innovation that safeguards and builds upon the rich heritage of the brand. As the 2025 Indian Scout lineup hits the streets, it's clear that the future of the classic American cruiser is brighter than ever, ready to meet the ever-evolving demands of the modern rider.

With each twist of the throttle, the 2025 Scout lineup invites riders to forge new paths, create fresh stories, and become part of the living history that is Indian Motorcycle—a history that revs on as passionately as the iconic V-Twin at the heart of every Scout.