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Indulge in Whataburger's New Espresso Twist – The Caramel Latte Shake!


Robert Tavares

May 7, 2024 - 17:26 pm


A Decadent Delight: Whataburger Introduces the Caramel Latte Shake

SAN ANTONIO, May 7, 2024 – Whataburger, the iconic fast food chain, has just unveiled its latest mouth-watering concoction that is sure to give your taste buds a jolt. The new Caramel Latte Shake, a sumptuous blend of real espresso, rich caramel, and creamy vanilla, promises to deliver a delightful twist to your daily routine. Starting today, this limited-time indulgence is up for grabs at all Whataburger locations.

The Season's Ultimate Indulgence

Whataburger aficionados and coffee enthusiasts, get ready for the summer's coolest refreshment: the Caramel Latte Shake. The launch today signifies a fresh addition to their famed shake menu, and it packs a punch with the stimulating flavors of a classic latte. This innovative shake is a game-changer for those who seek a sweet, caffeinated fix to breeze through the hot summer days.

Whataburger's New Caramel Latte Shake

For years, Whataburger has enjoyed widespread recognition not only for its beloved burgers but for its array of specialty shakes that boast a loyal following. Favorites like the Dr Pepper shake and the Banana Pudding shake have made waves across the nation. Now, the Caramel Latte Shake joins the pantheon of Whataburger's unique creations, delivering a delicious caffeine kick that's both sumptuous and thrilling.

How to Savor the Caramel Latte Shake

The irresistible Caramel Latte Shake has made its entry across all Whataburger stores and is also accessible through multiple digital platforms. Those who want an easy grab can obtain it through the drive-thru, online at, or by using the acclaimed Whataburger App for contactless curbside pickup or delivery. Additionally, creating an account on the app or website earns customers reward points and access to exclusive offers, enhancing the entire dining experience. Pricing and availability may vary by market, offering the perfect excuse to rush over to your local Whataburger and taste this novelty shake while it's still around.

Aside from the shakes and delicious menu items, Whataburger aficionados can take home a piece of their favorite fast-food restaurant. The restaurant’s signature sauces, a staple at the table of any Whataburger diner, are available for purchase at, enabling fans to recreate some of the Whataburger magic in their kitchens.

Celebrating Over Seven Decades of Whataburger Goodness

The story of Whataburger is one steeped in tradition and community connection. Founded in 1950 by Harmon Dobson, Whataburger has experienced incredible growth. From its humble beginnings, it has advanced to rake in annual sales surpassing $3 billion. The iconic brand has expanded its presence across 15 states with over 1,000 outlets, staying true to its Texas roots while reaching hungry patrons far and wide.

Even as the menu and services have evolved, Whataburger holds fast to the principles of made-to-order meals prepared exactly to the customer's liking. It's this commitment, alongside a relentless drive to offer exceptional hospitality, that has guided the chain to massive popularity. And it is not just the customers that are treated well; Whataburger takes immense pride in its culture of workplace excellence. This dedication has garnered the company numerous accolades, including a spot in QSR Magazine's Best Brands to Work For in 2023 and earning the Top Workplaces 2023 award.

Whataburger's Expansive Career and Digital Footprint

Whataburger's workforce, affectionately referred to as Family Members, is at the heart of its operation. The brand is always on the lookout for new talent to join their ranks and invites potential team members to explore career opportunities at For the tech-savvy and time-conscious, the Whataburger app is available for download on both iOS and Android platforms, offering a seamless way to place orders ahead of time.

In addition to their digital presence, Whataburger has made its original recipe products widely available in grocery stores. This expansion allows the Whataburger aficionado to enjoy the flavors they love in the comfort of their home. The company's dedication to branding extends to an array of merchandise and a line of sauces, which can be conveniently shopped at

For more information about this beloved chain, curious minds can visit their official presence online. Whataburger's press kit is a trove of fascinating company insights, listing all the locations, fun facts, milestones, and other relevant data. It serves as an open invitation for anyone looking to delve deeper into the Whataburger universe.

Get in Touch

Inquiries and interests concerning Whataburger and its new offerings can be directed to their press contact, Bryan Gonzales. He can be reached through [email protected] or via phone at 512-797-8579. Alternatively, you can contact [email protected] for additional details.

Whataburger's introduction of the Caramel Latte Shake is more than just an addition to their shake lineup; it's a testament to the company's innovation and commitment to customer satisfaction. This beverage is poised to become a summer staple, offering an inviting blend of classic latte flavors with the indulgent twist of caramel. It is yet another reason for guests to frequent Whataburger, a company that continues to cherish its heritage while embracing the future with open arms.

In the ever-evolving world of fast food, it's refreshing to see a chain like Whataburger stay true to its roots while also keeping up with the latest trends. The excitement around their latest release shows that they understand their customers' desires, constantly striving to serve up excitement alongside their menu. So, as the temperatures rise and the days lengthen, treat yourself to the newest sensation at Whataburger – the Caramel Latte Shake. Available for a limited time, it's the season's must-try innovation, sure to please coffee lovers and dessert aficionados alike.

As Whataburger stands at the intersection of tradition and trendiness, its latest creation is a testament to the brand's ability to adapt and thrive. By merging the world of specialty beverages with their reputable quick-service, Whataburger invites guests new and old to come together over a shake that promises more than just refreshment—it's an experience. So this summer, don't miss the chance to indulge in the Caramel Latte Shake and savor every last drop of this limited-time delight that's brewed to perfection.

Celebrating its origin, growth, and unwavering commitment to the community and the team, Whataburger reaffirms its position as a leader in the fast-food industry with this latest offering. Cradling a Caramel Latte Shake is more than holding a cool beverage; it’s grasping a piece of a legacy that has delighted generations. Grab a shake, a job, or both at your nearest Whataburger, and join the ranks of those who appreciate the goodness that comes from this iconic Southern brand.

Whataburger’s strength lies in its canny ability to remain at the frontier of food innovations while preserving the charm of Americana fast food. With the new Caramel Latte Shake, they've managed to encapsulate a perfect blend of comfort and excitement, topped with a frothy finish of customer delight. It is this spirit of continuous improvement and customer-centric vision that will keep Whataburger at the forefront of the industry in the years to come.

San Antonio-based yet with a nationwide appeal, Whataburger's recipe for success seems just as tantalizing as the ingredients of their newest shake. Whether it's the meticulous selection of flavors or the care in crafting every order, the brand unwaveringly delivers a winning experience. Embrace the Whataburger way, and immerse yourself in a tradition of taste that's been satisfying diners for over seven decades.

With the release of the Caramel Latte Shake, Whataburger blends the essence of their iconic service with a thirst for innovation. As this latest offering proves, Whataburger is more than just a restaurant; it's a hub for culinary creativity and a place where every sip and bite tells a tasty tale.

In conclusion, as the Whataburger family continues to grow and expand its menu to bring new delicious experiences to the table, their commitment shines through each addition, including the crave-worthy Caramel Latte Shake. It's a blend of heritage, heartiness, and high spirits that make Whataburger a beloved brand—and keeps the customers coming back for more. This shake may be around for a limited time, but the memories it creates and the joy it brings are sure to last much longer.

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