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Indulge in the Ultimate Dessert: Freddy's New TWIX® Salted Caramel Concrete


Robert Tavares

March 19, 2024 - 16:19 pm


Freddy's Unveils Exquisite TWIX® Salted Caramel Concrete in a Limited-Time Flavor Extravaganza

WICHITA, Kan., March 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- The well-loved fast-casual chain, Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers®, has created a buzz with the grand reveal of its latest dessert innovation: the TWIX® Salted Caramel Concrete. This new decadent treat is now being served to the delight of sweet-toothed customers across the country. The TWIX® Salted Caramel Concrete will be tantalizing taste buds from March 6th until May 7th at every Freddy's location nationwide. Patrons can enjoy this limited-time confection via a range of convenient options, including drive-thru, dine-in services, and even from the comfort of their homes by ordering through the Freddy's mobile app or at Freddy's website.

A Symphony of Sweet and Salty: Inside Freddy's New Creation

Freddy's new TWIX Salted Caramel Concrete

The newest addition to the Freddy's dessert lineup features rich vanilla frozen custard, perfectly blended with chopped TWIX® Cookie Bars. It seamlessly intermingles the buttery crunch of shortbread with the velvety texture of custard. Adding to this mix, crushed pretzels are thrown into the equation, providing an unexpected salty dimension that strikes a balance with sweet indulgence. The grand finale of this culinary marvel includes a generous drizzle of caramel sauce topped off with a cloud of whipped cream, garnished with a final sprinkling of crushed pretzels. Each element comes together to celebrate an enticing combination of textures and flavors that is sure to be an irresistible draw for both children and adults alike.

An Ode to Classic Favorites: Insight from the CMO

Laura Rueckel, the Chief Marketing Officer, extolled the virtues of the new concoction, stating that Freddy's patrons have always had an affinity for the time-honored duo of chocolate and caramel. Rueckel noted that incorporating TWIX® into their menu marries the beloved candy with the brand's signature frozen custard, resulting in an offering that brings a crunch of joy with every spoonful. The decision to integrate crushed pretzels infuses a delightful savory undertone, contrasting the sweetness of the caramel. She describes the TWIX® Salted Caramel Concrete as a luscious masterpiece that nods to the guests' favorites while presenting a unique twist. The introduction of this sweet treat underscores Freddy’s dedication to innovative offerings that elevate the customer's dining experience.

The Freddy's Legacy: A Pioneering Fast-Casual Brand

Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers, birthed in the heart of Wichita, Kansas, in 2002, has become a formidable presence in the fast-casual restaurant scene. With over 500 locations dotting 36 states, the brand's ascendancy is marked by a menu that boasts an impressive array of cooked-to-order steakburgers, savory all-beef hot dogs, crispy shoestring fries, and an array of other tempting items. But perhaps more renowned is their signature offering — the rich and creamy freshly churned frozen custard, which serves as the base for their latest delectable TWIX® Salted Caramel Concrete.

Synonymous with what they term 'The Freddy's Way,' customers are treated to more than just high-quality food. They're welcomed into an environment that radiates genuine hospitality, a cornerstone of their operating philosophy. This commitment to excellence doesn't go unnoticed; it is reflected in the accolades the brand garners, such as being recognized No. 23 on Fast Casual's Top 100 Movers + Shakers, No. 70 on Entrepreneur's Franchise 500, No. 78 on Entrepreneur's 2023 Fastest-Growing Franchises, and No. 36 on Yelp's 50 Most Loved Brands.

For those seeking to stay abreast of Freddy's latest news and offerings, they can tune into the Freddy's Newsroom. Fans and food enthusiasts can also engage with the brand and join the community of customers who have made Freddy’s a part of their daily lives by following them on Facebook and Instagram.

Moreover, the brand continues to seek passionate entrepreneurs looking to be a part of the Freddy's family and carry forward their tradition and standards of quality. Potential franchise owners are invited to explore development opportunities at Freddy's Franchising.

The Making of a New Sensation

Freddy's has a storied reputation for crafting menu items that resonate with their customers' evolving palates. The inception of the TWIX® Salted Caramel Concrete is a direct response to the observed customer preferences. Inside the Freddy's innovation kitchen, the team develops recipes that are flavorful, original, and which also evoke a sense of nostalgia. The combination of creamy custard and the iconic TWIX® is not just a chance pairing; it is a thoughtful decision aimed at invoking fond memories while creating new experiences that are reminiscent of the classic candy bar but offered in a novel Freddy's twist.

When developing the TWIX® Salted Caramel Concrete, the culinary experts at Freddy's meticulously selected each ingredient for its quality and contribution to the overall taste profile. From the velvety frozen custard that forms the dessert's creamy foundation to the finely chopped cookie bars that introduce a satisfying crunch, each ingredient is integral to the treat's delicious harmony. The concession to incorporate a hint of salt via crushed pretzels is bold yet inspired, an affirmation of the innovative spirit that has allowed Freddy's to push the boundaries of the frozen custard dessert category.

A Treat Designed with Everyone in Mind

One of the compelling aspects of the Freddy’s dessert menu, and especially the new TWIX® Salted Caramel Concrete, is the inclusiveness of its appeal. It is a product poised to captivate a broad audience, from the younger demographic drawn to sugary and chocolate-laden snacks, to the more discerning palates that appreciate the subtlety of salted desserts. Freddy's understands the universal lure of custard and has harnessed this in the creation of a menu item that promises widespread allure.

The dessert also serves as an avenue for family and friends to partake in a shared experience, a vision that's very much in line with the communal dining atmosphere that Freddy's fosters in its establishments. It's about creating moments of connection over an expertly crafted dessert, whether that's through a shared laugh between bites or the shared silence that comes from enjoying a truly satisfying sweet treat.

Freddy's Recipe for Success: The Art of Reinvention

Beyond the creation of innovative desserts, Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers’ success can also be attributed to its evolutionary approach to the fast-casual dining experience. The incorporation of the TWIX® Salted Caramel Concrete into their menu exemplifies how the brand stays relevant and appealing in a competitive market. By continually reinventing their offerings with creative limited-time-only items like this latest dessert, Freddy’s remains a topic of interest and a go-to place for customers seeking novel culinary experiences.

The art of reinvention does not solely rest on the introduction of new products. Freddy's also understands the need for convenient accessibility, which is why it extends numerous ways for customers to enjoy their specialty foods. Whether opting for a quick drive-thru service, a comfortable in-restaurant dining experience, or the increasingly popular takeout and delivery options through their intuitive mobile app, Freddy's ensures that their customer service is as high quality as their food offerings.

Cultivating Sweet Success: Freddy’s Market Proposition

The strategic choices that Freddy's makes, from the formulation of its desserts to its service model, all hang on understanding market trends and consumer behavior. The introduction of the TWIX® Salted Caramel Concrete is a calculated move designed to resonate with the current consumer craving for comfort foods with a twist. They've harnessed the power of an established brand like TWIX® and amalgamated it with their custard to create a new product that's both familiar and thrillingly different.

To accompany the launch of this enticing dessert, Freddy's marketing team has devised a campaign including enticing imagery and the opportunity for customers to share their experience with the dessert through social media, furthering the reach and appeal of this limited-time delight. This method of incorporating consumer interaction with product promotion underscores Freddy's understanding of the modern customer's desire to be part of a brand's story.

Conclusion: Sweet Rewards Await at Freddy's

In conclusion, Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers has once again demonstrated its capability to innovate within the fast-casual space with the introduction of the TWIX® Salted Caramel Concrete. By merging the nostalgia of TWIX® with a modern twist of salted caramel, Freddy’s continues to excite and satisfy customers across the United States. With this latest addition, the brand reassures its dedication to quality, inventive culinary practices, and heartfelt service, fostering an environment where every visit is both a comfort and a discovery. As the sweet creation makes its debut across all Freddy's locations, the brand celebrates the joy of crafting and sharing these moments with a dessert that is truly a spoonful of delight.

Ready to experience the magic for yourself? Indulge in the TWIX® Salted Caramel Concrete at your local Freddy's before this unique offering melts away after May 7th. Whether through dine-in, drive-thru, or delivery, the perfect blend of sweet, salty and utterly scrumptious awaits.

SOURCE: Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers