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I-CAR Celebrates 45 Years of Innovation in Collision Repair Training


Lauren Miller

April 5, 2024 - 17:23 pm


I-CAR Marks 45 Years of Excellence in Collision Repair Training and Solutions

HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill., April 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- This year denotes a significant milestone for the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair (I-CAR) as it embarks on a year-long celebration of its 45th anniversary. Since its inception in 1979 during a time of transformative vehicle complexity, I-CAR has played a pivotal role in the development of the collision repair industry by offering educational programs, technical resources, and solutions to address talent shortages throughout the industry and its associated supply chain.

The origins of I-CAR can be traced back to the realization that rapidly advancing automotive technology necessitated a new approach to collision repair. For over four decades, I-CAR has been synonymous with industry progress, continuously aligning itself with the latest in vehicular technology to shape the future of the industry.

I-CAR Founders

A Legacy of Unwavering Commitment

John Van Alstyne, CEO & President of I-CAR, expressed his pride in the organization's relentless dedication to the industry. "For 45 years, I-CAR has been at the forefront, responding to the evolving needs of the industry," Van Alstyne said. "Now, as we commemorate our 45th anniversary, we find ourselves once again leading the way in an era marked by swift technological advancements."

As an impartial non-profit entity, I-CAR’s mission revolves around ensuring that today's and tomorrow's collision repair technicians have the advanced skills and knowledge necessary to manage the newest vehicle designs and repair methods while providing the highest level of customer service. This dedication ultimately reverberates to the benefit of the consumer.

Elevating Industry Standards

I-CAR has established the industry's benchmarks for knowledge and skills. The organization's accreditation system for technicians and repair shops reflects these standards, underpinned by an extensive curriculum that offers more than 350 courses. This educational array includes hands-on skill development, in-shop knowledge assessments, foundational learning, and specialized vehicle training. I-CAR's devotion to professional development ensures that seasoned technicians and appraisers remain abreast of industry advancements, while also fostering the growth of emerging collision repair professionals.

Technicians who achieve I-CAR Platinum™ recognition attain vital expertise that not only enhances their job performance and career trajectory but also contributes significantly to the excellence of their respective repair facilities. By the close of 2023, a record-breaking 9,295 collision repair shops had achieved I-CAR's Gold Class recognition, having committed to ongoing technical training for their workforce. This distinction empowers these businesses to differentiate themselves from competitors within their communities.

Looking to the future with anticipation, Van Alstyne hinted at the unveiling of various new initiatives. "Our plans range from presenting innovative solutions for the talent crisis to rolling out state-of-the-art curriculum and teaching techniques," he explained. "There's no more fitting celebration of our 45-year legacy than to continue delivering approaches that support the industry in performing complete, safe, and quality repairs for many more years."

Enabling Access to Critical Knowledge

To discover more about I-CAR and its impact on the industry, individuals are encouraged to visit Additionally, I-CAR maintains an active presence on social media platforms such as Facebook (, Instagram (@icareducation), and Twitter (@I_CAR_Education), where they share pertinent recollections and achievements from their 45 years of devotion to the collision repair industry through their Flashback Friday series.

About I-CAR: A Pillar of the Collision Repair Community

Founded in the late 70s, I-CAR is a not-for-profit entity designed to address the growing needs of the Collision Repair Inter-Industry. Accredited by IACET (The International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training), I-CAR has always prioritized elevating the quality and safety of auto collision repair, with the greater good of both the industry and consumers at heart. For more information, please explore I-CAR’s website.

The I-CAR Evolution: Navigating Automotive Advances

From humble beginnings, I-CAR has witnessed extraordinary change within the collision repair sector. Vehicles today are intricately designed with advanced materials and sophisticated electronics, far removed from the simpler mechanical constructs of the past. This situation has necessitated nimble adaptations by repair professionals to address emergent challenges with the same dedication to excellence that defined their predecessors’ approach to craftsmanship.

Training a New Generation

The reality of this high-tech automotive landscape demands a workforce that is proficient with a suite of modern tools and techniques. I-CAR remains devoted to empowering individuals through its comprehensive educational initiatives. Whether it's the veteran technician seeking to refine their expertise or the novice eager to embark on a rewarding vocational pathway, I-CAR's programs offer the foundation for professional realization and industry advancement.

Embracing Safety and Customer Satisfaction

Beyond technical acumen, the pursuit of safety and customer satisfaction stands as a cornerstone of I-CAR's philosophy. The organization works with stakeholders across the spectrum to create an environment where safe, efficient, and customer-friendly repair processes are not just idealistic goals but tangible realities. This commitment has earned I-CAR the enduring respect of industry peers and customers alike.

Collaborating for a Common Cause

In an age where partnership is vital to success, I-CAR's collaborative model serves as a paragon for industry-wide synergies. Engaging with automobile manufacturers, insurance companies, and repair professionals, I-CAR fosters a culture of shared knowledge and cross-sector cooperation. These concerted efforts ensure that industry standards evolve alongside automotive innovations, ensuring both safety and service quality.

Charting the Future Together

As I-CAR steps into its 45th year, it is not simply reflecting on past successes but actively charting a course for the future. The collision repair industry is poised at the brink of further revolutionary changes, and I-CAR's proactive approach positions it as a guiding light for the sector. Through continuous investment in research, training, and partnerships, I-CAR is setting the stage for the next wave of automotive excellence.

Conclusion: A Testament to Endurance and Innovation

I-CAR’s journey over the past 45 years is more than a testament to endurance; it represents a tradition of innovation and drive that continues to inspire and guide the collision repair industry. With a legacy that is both celebrated and evolving, I-CAR remains a beacon for those who aspire to meet the demands of an ever-advancing industry with expertise, integrity, and foresight. The story of I-CAR is one of shared accomplishments, community, and an unwavering dedication to public service through proficient auto collision repair—a narrative that will undoubtedly continue to unfold in the years ahead.

Celebrating 45 Years of I-CAR: Honoring the Past, Shaping the Future

As the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair (I-CAR) celebrates its 45th year of existence, the organization not only honors its past achievements but also proactively shapes the future of the collision repair industry. Founded with the mission to keep pace with the rapid technological advancements in automotive design and repair, I-CAR has become a touchstone for quality training and industry standards. Their commitment to enhancing repair techniques and ensuring consumer safety is as relevant today as it was over four decades ago.

The Continuous Pursuit of Knowledge in Collision Repair

The evolution of the automobile industry has often outpaced the skills available within the repair sector. Recognizing this, I-CAR has dedicated itself to the continuous pursuit of knowledge, equipping technicians with the expertise to handle the most advanced and complex repair situations. Through an expansive range of training courses and certifications, I-CAR upholds the belief that an informed and skilled technician is the bedrock of a successful and trustworthy collision repair facility. Their commitment to education ensures that every repair, no matter how intricate, meets the industry's highest standards of safety and quality.

Paving the Way for Industry Leadership

I-CAR’s robust credentialing system and its subsequent recognition as the industry standard for excellence demonstrate the organization's influence in shaping industry leaders. The I-CAR Gold and Platinum certifications are more than accolades; they signify a repair shop's dedication to superior craftsmanship and service. This drive for excellence is what allows repair facilities to distinguish themselves in their local markets and amongst industry counterparts.

Addressing Industry Challenges with Innovative Solutions

The 45th year of I-CAR is not just a time for reflection but also for forward-thinking strategies that anticipate and address the challenges of the industry. From tackling the talent crisis to integrating cutting-edge technologies and methodologies in training, I-CAR remains at the forefront of innovation. These strategic initiatives illustrate the organization's commitment to ensuring that the industry is well-equipped to carry out safe, comprehensive, and high-quality repairs.

Engage with I-CAR: Connecting Through Celebration

Throughout its 45th-anniversary year, I-CAR will engage with professionals and the public alike through its Flashback Friday celebration on social media. By showcasing milestones and memories, I-CAR invites the community to partake in its rich heritage and support its goal of nurturing a more skilled and knowledgeable workforce for the industry's bright future.

Making an Impact: Serving the Industry and the Consumer

I-CAR's raison d'être continues to be its service to the collision repair industry—and by extension, to consumers. Ensuring that repair technicians are up to date with the finest techniques not only advances the industry but also serves the consumer who relies on their expertise for safety and reliability. I-CAR's legacy, therefore, is defined by its tangible contributions to improving the standard of repairs, greatly enhancing customer confidence, and the integrity of the collision repair industry.

Forward Momentum: The Future is Bright with I-CAR

With an eye to the future, I-CAR's progressive outlook and historical impact position it as an essential component of the collision repair industry's journey. The organization continues to evolve, adapt, and inspire, ensuring that as the vehicles of tomorrow become more advanced, the technicians of today and beyond are prepared to meet the challenge with skill and precision.

As I-CAR looks back on its celebrated past and strides into an exciting future, the collision repair industry can rest assured that the torch of excellence, lit by the innovators and leaders of I-CAR, will continue to burn brightly. Here's to another 45 years of innovation, education, and unyielding commitment to excellence in collision repair.