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Exclusive Revelation: North Coast & Westward Whiskey Launch Barrel Aged Old Rasputin


Michael Chen

March 28, 2024 - 23:45 pm


North Coast Brewing Co. Unveils a Masterpiece: Barrel Aged Old Rasputin in Collaboration with Westward Whiskey

FORT BRAGG, Calif., March 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- In a celebration of craft and flavor, North Coast Brewing Company (NCBC) has unveiled its latest creation, a barrel-aged beer that promises to delight beer enthusiasts and novices alike. The new Barrel Aged Old Rasputin is a result of an inspired partnership between NCBC and the acclaimed Westward Whiskey. Having been nurtured for over a year in the single malt whiskey barrels of Westward Whiskey, this limited edition brew is now primed for its grand reveal to those with a discerning taste for quality.

NCBC's partnership with Westward Whiskey joins the bold essence of Old Rasputin with the intricate notes of Westward Stout Cask Whiskey Barrels.

The partnership with Westward Whiskey brings together the robust presence of Old Rasputin with the subtle complexities of Westward Stout Cask Whiskey Barrels.

A Symbiotic Brew: The Genesis of Old Rasputin's New Expression

The seeds of this collaboration were sown in April 2022, stirring an exciting project that saw Old Rasputin commence a transformative journey. The selected single malt barrels embarked on their own voyage from Portland, OR, to Fort Bragg, CA, where they were filled with the iconic Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout. Now unveiled by NCBC, this extraordinary brew encapsulates the regal essence of Old Rasputin, matured superbly in the refined ambiance of Westward Whiskey’s Single Malt barrels.

The partnership has artfully married the bold character of the Old Rasputin stout with the nuanced whispers of Westward Stout Cask Whiskey barrels, creating a tapestry of flavors that speak to the meticulous craftsmanship of both establishments.

Jennifer Owen, CEO of North Coast Brewing Company, expressed that this collaboration stands as a monumental testament to the exceptional artistry and craftsmanship that both parties embody. According to NCBC’s Brewmaster, the beer possesses a robust profile of whiskey, elegantly complemented by undercurrents of vanilla and dark chocolate aromas, a bouquet that entices the senses with its depth and complexity.

Echoing these sentiments, Thomas Mooney, CEO of Westward Whiskey, conveyed his enthusiasm for the partnership with North Coast. Their shared values—ranging from a zealous passion for the brewing process and a mutual adoration for stout beer to a dedication to innovation and an affinity for rich, audacious flavors—have synergized in this dynamic Old Rasputin release.

North Coast Brewing Company: A Tradition of Craftsmanship and Sustainability

Behind the distinctive beverages stands NCBC, established in 1988 and a proud B Corp since 2015. With their artisanal approach, NCBC has curated a diverse portfolio of exceptional, award-winning beers. Among their masterpieces are the renowned Scrimshaw and the beloved Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout. The company's legacy is punctuated by its commitment not only to quality but also to the environment and community.

For the latest updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses of their brewing magic, follow North Coast Brewing Company on their social media platforms: Instagram (@NorthCoastBrewingCompany), Twitter (@NoCoastBrewCo), and Facebook (@NorthCoastBrewingCompany).

Westward Whiskey: Raising the Bar for American Whiskey

Westward Whiskey, recognized as the pinnacle of American whiskey, embarked on its journey in 2004, driven by the vision of crafting a unique American whiskey that echoes the spirit and natural bounty of the American Northwest. Over the last two decades, the company has become a prominent figure in advocating for the evolution and enjoyment of American whiskey on a global scale.

Embark on a discovery of Westward Whiskey by visiting their website, and connect with them on Facebook and Instagram to stay abreast of their latest whiskey adventures.


For additional information on this release or to coordinate an interview, please reach out to Debra De Graw, Director of Marketing at North Coast Brewing Company. Contact via phone at 707.964.2739 or email at <span class="email">[[email protected]</span>].

An Epicurean Symphony: The Barrel Aged Old Rasputin Experience

This collaboration is not merely an alliance of companies but a symphony of flavor profiles that come together in a crescendo of taste. It represents a confluence of artisanal brewing and distilling practices, a narrative of innovation that speaks to the hearts of aficionados and the soul of the craft. When the Old Rasputin stout enters the Westward Whiskey barrels, it is as though a canvas is prepared for the strokes of a master painter, allowing the darkness of the stout to become infused with the warmth of the whiskey, creating a tapestry of flavors that can only be described as a masterpiece.

The Crafting Process: A Marriage of Brewing and Distilling Traditions

The making of this exclusive Barrel Aged Old Rasputin involves a delicate dance between the robust flavor of the stout and the seasoned whiskey barrels. The aging process allows the stout to slowly absorb the remnants of whiskey, drawing in the complex flavors that once resided within the wood. This intricate procedure imbues the beer with a unique character, imbobotaining the malty richness of Old Rasputin while inheriting an elegant whiskey finish, characterized by harmonious notes of oak, vanilla, and chocolate which dance across the palate.

A Pour Like No Other: Tasting Notes on the Collaboration

Upon pouring the Barrel Aged Old Rasputin into a glass, the senses are immediately enveloped by its deep, ebony hue and a creamy, tan head that whispers of its luxurious texture. With the first sip, the stout boldly asserts its presence with a wave of rich, whiskey warmth. The mid-palate is graced by gentle swirls of vanilla sweetness, entwined with layers of dark chocolate. As the experience unfolds, subtle hints of oak and toasted malt linger, leaving a satisfyingly complex finish that beckons one to savor the moment just a little longer.

A Dynamic Duo: Jennifer Owen and Thomas Mooney on Their Craft

Jennifer Owen and Thomas Mooney are not merely CEOs; they are devoted custodians of their respective crafts. Their dedication to excellence and a forward-thinking ethos has paved the way for this remarkable collaboration. Owen's leadership at North Coast Brewing Company has ensured the brand’s commitment to integrity, quality, and sustainability remain unwavering. Meanwhile, Mooney’s tenure at Westward Whiskey has seen the distillery flourish as a testament to innovation and a defining voice for American whiskey. Together, their shared vision comes to life in this Old Rasputin release, an illustration of what happens when two leaders in their fields join forces.

The Limited Edition Release: Seize the Opportunity

As with all things rare and extraordinary, the Barrel Aged Old Rasputin boasts a limited availability. Aficionados of both beer and whiskey are urged to seize the opportunity to experience this unique brew that exudes the essence of craftsmanship from two of the finest purveyors in the industry. This limited release encapsulates a narrative of collaboration and passion—a collectible pour that is as enjoyable in the sipping as it is storied in its creation.

Celebrating Sustainability: NCBC's Ethos and Vision

In a market where sustainability becomes increasingly valued, NCBC's ethos stands out for its commitment to environmental responsibility. By choosing to become a certified B Corp, the brewery has embedded a vision for a sustainable future within its very DNA. In every batch they craft, from their beloved flagship stout to seasonal offerings, NCBC consciously strives to blend sustainable practices with the art of brewing, ensuring that each bottle not only delivers in taste but also contributes positively to our planet.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Crafted Collaborations

The Barrel Aged Old Rasputin is just one example of the possibilities that lie in crafted collaborations between forward-thinking companies like NCBC and Westward Whiskey. As these businesses continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in their respective industries, we can undoubtedly expect more innovative, palate-pleasing creations in the future. These collaborations serve not only to excite the market but also to inspire a generation of brewers and distillers to come together in the name of exceptional taste and remarkable experiences.

Conclusion: A Toast to Innovation and Quality

In the end, the release of Barrel Aged Old Rasputin by North Coast Brewing Company, in partnership with Westward Whiskey, is more than just the unveiling of a new beer. It is a celebration of the relentless pursuit of innovation, a testament to the power of collaboration, and a tribute to the artisans who dedicate their lives to the craft of exceptional beer and whiskey making. This limited edition brew invites connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike to raise their glasses to the dedication and passion that went into every drop—a toast to innovation, quality, and the artistry that ultimately defines a truly memorable pour.

Enjoy the Barrel Aged Old Rasputin responsibly and rejoice in the rich tapestry of tastes it has to offer.

SOURCE: North Coast Brewing Company.