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Eco Wave Power Experiences Soaring Revenue Growth Despite Economic Headwinds


Robert Tavares

April 1, 2024 - 13:18 pm


Eco Wave Power Posts Remarkable Financial Growth Amid Global Economic Challenges

STOCKHOLM, April 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- In an awe-inspiring revelation of fiscal endurance, Eco Wave Power Global (Nasdaq: WAVE), a pioneering force in onshore wave energy technology, disclosed its financial outcomes for the year concluding December 31, 2023. The annual report, meticulously audited and consolidated, has been officially filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), illuminating the company's impressive financial journey over the past fiscal year.

The complete Annual Report is publicly accessible, allowing stakeholders a transparent view of Eco Wave Power's financial movements both on the SEC's website and the company's own domain under the SEC Filings section.

An Unparalleled Financial Resurgence

Eco Wave Power's CEO offered a poignant narrative of the past year, describing it as one strewn with unpredictability and economic hurdles. Despite the looming shadow of a potential recession, the company stayed unwavering, achieving remarkable revenue growth of 1076% (excluding non-operational funds) and shrinking its net loss by a significant 36%. A positive year-end statement showed $8.4 million in cash and deposits, signaling the company's robust financial health.

Noteworthy Milestones in Turbulent Times

The year saw Eco Wave Power clinch the esteemed Energy Catalyst Round 10 Innovate UK grant, collaborating with elite entities such as Toshiba and the University of Manchester, consolidating a design for a microgrid pilot aimed at remote islands—a grant totaling GBP 1.49 million. In addition, Eco Wave Power was the recipient of numerous grants and a financial boon from the GREENinMED initiative, reinforcing its resolve to advance its technology.

Project Progression Reflecting Enduring Commitment

The company's demonstration of substantial advancement in key projects, despite a significantly lower cash burn rate, reflects an unwavering commitment to pioneering wave energy. The historic connection of the EWP-EDF One Project to Israel’s national grid serves as a hallmark of progress, as does the strategic co-investment for the Port of Los Angeles project. The legislative endorsement in California via SB 605 has reinforced wave energy's role in the renewable energy landscape.

Strategic Expansion and Solidifying Market Presence

2023 also marked the year Eco Wave Power provided a multitude of feasibility studies, opening up new potential markets across various geographies. With projects under consideration in the U.S., Israel, Morocco, and Greece, the company solidified its presence as a viable and sought-after solution for sustainable energy.

Intensified Focus on Financial Stability

The latter part of 2023 saw an application for authorization to repurchase shares, indicating a strengthening of financial strategy and underlying confidence in the long-term potential of Eco Wave Power's market position.

CEO Inna Braverman's Unwavering Optimism amid Financial Adversity

Ceaselessly rooted in determination, CEO Inna Braverman expressed disappointment with the market performance yet remained optimistic, underscoring ongoing strategic partnering and technological competency. Her confidence emanated from the steady belief that wave energy is integral to future decarbonization efforts and profitability.

2023 Financial Highlights Dissecting the Numbers

The company registered a staggering 1076% increase in revenues to $306,000 for the year ending December 31, 2023—attributed mainly to feasibility study services. Notably, R&D expenses showcased a considerable decline even as sales and marketing, along with general and administrative expenses, trailed downwards. Overall, operating losses shrank by 33%, and net financial income took a minor dip, leading to a 36% decrease in net loss.

Bridging Dialogue with Investors: The CEO's Conference Call

Inna Braverman will conduct a conference call detailing these results and future outlook, providing a platform for investor queries. The webcast will be broadcast live for global stakeholders and an archived version will remain available on the company's website under the investor relations section.

About Eco Wave Power Global AB (publ)

As an established frontrunner in onshore wave energy technology, Eco Wave Power is at the forefront of the green electricity movement. With successful projects and concession agreements spanning Europe, and an extensive pipeline of 404.7 MW, Eco Wave Power is on a mission to harness the vast energy of ocean waves. Awarded the "Global Climate Action Award" by the United Nations and backed by international bodies, Eco Wave Power's vision is undeniably in motion.

For an in-depth exploration, visit Eco Wave Power's website at

Contact Information for Further Insights

Inna Braverman, ever-responsive and accessible for further information, can be reached for more comprehensive insights into Eco Wave Power's robust strategies and resilient outlook.

Forward-Looking Statements: Eco Wave Power's Aspirations and Caveats

The forward-looking statements reflect the company's expectations about initiating U.S.-based projects within an ambitious six-month timeframe, leveraging the Innovate UK grant for future endeavors, and a positive projection for the renewable energy marketplace. Despite these aspirations, readers should treat such predictions with caution due to the inherent uncertainties and external factors that could lead to differences from the anticipated outcomes.

A Bright Future for Renewable Energy Investment

Eco Wave Power remains hopeful and geared towards a thriving renewable energy market, spurred on by milestones such as the Biden administration's Inflation Reduction Act. Forecasts suggest a rebound in investor optimism and opportunities, with Eco Wave Power poised to contribute meaningfully to global energy solutions.

An Industry Undergoing Correction

Recognizing a somber reality for clean energy stocks, comparisons with other industry behemoths like Plug Power and Enphase Energy confirm that market adversities have not spared even the most robust entities. Yet, amid these market corrections, financial analysts see potential for immense growth and investment opportunities, indicating a silver lining for long-term strategic investments.

Reaffirming Commitment through Share Repurchase Initiatives

Eager to instill confidence among shareholders, Eco Wave Power is poised to initiate a share repurchase program, upon requisite authorization, reflective of the unwavering belief in its technological edge and corporate fortitude.

Celebrating Innovation and Equality

Eco Wave Power's significant strides, be it operational or financial, display a compelling narrative of innovation, resilience, and equity, as it forges ahead, aiming to make waves in the renewable energy firmament at a global level.

The financial reports, available for download at, provide insights into the company's steadfast journey of transformation and triumph in the face of adversity.

Eco Wave Power continues to illuminate paths in the renewable wave energy sphere and remains a testament to sustainability's potential paired with unwavering entrepreneurial spirit.

Utilizing Information and Acknowledgements

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Eco Wave Power stands as a clarion call to investors, industry veterans, and environmentally conscious individuals, signaling a wave of change and the transformative potential held within our oceans' tides.

As the company strides forward, these financial revelations lay down the groundwork for the coming year, full of promise, impact, and an unwavering commitment to powering the world more sustainably—one wave at a time.

Given these projections and developments, the horizon for Eco Wave Power and the broader scope of renewable energies is not just bright but invigorating.

In conclusion, these financial reports substantiate Eco Wave Power's mission to harness the energy of the waves and stand as an enduring enterprise even amidst the ebb and flow of uncertain economic waters.

With its share of trials and triumphs, Eco Wave Power's journey in 2023 signifies a chapter of growth and resilience. As waves of innovation propel the company, Eco Wave Power Global AB embarks on an odyssey with the tide in its favor, charting a course for a cleaner, greener future.