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Dow Triumphs with Record 40K Milestone Amid Tech and Trading Frenzy


Michael Chen

May 17, 2024 - 13:26 pm


Pivotal Day as Dow Surges Past Milestone Amid IPO and AI Developments

Dow Achieves Historic 40,000-Point Milestone

In an unprecedented financial development, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has soared to the 40,000-point mark for the first time in history. While this occasion is likely to dominate headlines and symbolize the broader stock market's performance, the significance of the Dow's achievement may somewhat overstate its relevance in the current financial landscape. In actuality, the Dow is now considered a somewhat dated measure, warranting less of our collective focus.

Renowned as an esteemed representation of the stock market, the Dow Jones only comprises 30 prominent but limited companies. This significantly smaller roster, when compared to other indexes like the S&P 500, the Russell 3000, or the TSX Composite Index with their broader company inclusion, casts a seemingly misleading depiction of market trends. The Dow's unique calculation, based on the stock prices of its constituents rather than overall company valuation, also contributes to some counterintuitive weightings.

Taking a closer look, industry leaders such as Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon make the cut within the Dow and collectively are valued higher than all the other components combined. Surprisingly, due to their non-exorbitant individual stock prices, their impact on the Dow is less than one might expect, with the likes of UnitedHealth Group and Goldman Sachs commanding more influence. Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon together represent just over a tenth of the Dow's total weight.

A prime example of the Dow's unconventional approach is evident with Boeing. The aerospace giant's stocks have dwindled by roughly 30% this year, and prices stand around $182 per share as of this Friday, which coordinates with Amazon's share price—a company that, conversely, has experienced a 20% year-on-year uptick. Regardless of these contrasting market performances, both companies similarly sway the Dow due to the index's price-centric methodology.

The Dow's historic value cannot be understated, with its origins dating back to 1894 when Charles Dow birthed this revolutionary concept. Yet, after more than a century, it may be time to transcend this traditional focus.

Surge in Share Sales Bolsters TSX

Despite the ongoing drought in Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) at the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), existing companies have been actively compensating by raising significant capital through the issue of new shares. Recent reports by Bloomberg indicate a near doubling in the total volume of TSX financings since the beginning of the year, approaching $5 billion. Spurred by high gold and copper prices, mining entities have been particularly proactive, with First Quantum securing over $1.5 billion back in February, closely followed by the $431 million amassed by Capstone Copper.

As the year progresses, the acceleration of financing deals is remarkable, jumping from 21 in April of 2023 to 58 fresh deals in the subsequent month. Daniel Nowlan, the vice-chairman at National Bank Financial and director of equity capital markets, acknowledged the uptick in activity. Nowlan remarks, though the recent statistics are promising, they haven't yet reached the bustling norm of years past.

Reddit's Stock Jumps on OpenAI Collaboration

The social platform Reddit has witnessed its premarket shares climb about 15% after confirming a synergistic partnership with OpenAI. The collaboration permits OpenAI's chatbot ChatGPT to utilize Reddit's vast content collection for its developmental training while reciprocally providing novel AI capabilities to Reddit. While the financial aspects of the deal remain undisclosed, the mutual advantages are evident, especially for Reddit as it seeks revenue growth following its transition to a public company. Reddit CEO Steve Huffman hinted at the value of their data, expressing significant interest from multiple entities at the Bloomberg Technology Summit earlier in the month.

Delay in Grand Theft Auto VI Impacts Take Two's Outlook

The gaming industry is facing ripples of unease as Take Two Interactive's shares have dropped by about 3% in the early trade. This downtrend has been attributed to the company's latest financial forecast, which was overshadowed by the delay of the much-anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI's release, now postponed to the fall of next year. This setback has led to a revised projection of a maximum of $5.65 billion in bookings for the next year, staggering down from its initial expectation of $8 billion and its previous forecast in February of $7 billion.

Optimistic Shift in the Wildfire Crisis Near Fort McMurray

Lastly, amidst the current bout of extreme weather, some positive news has emerged regarding wildfires near Fort McMurray, Alberta's oilsands capital. A concerted effort by firefighters has resulted in gaining control over a potentially threatening blaze from the north, ultimately reducing its status to “being held”. Although the fire's present coverage is under a hectare, a much larger threat looms from the south-west—a raging wildfire 20,000 times greater, already instigating the evacuation of 6,000 residents.

Weather patterns, including easterly winds and rainfall, are anticipated to aid in mitigating the severity of the fires. However, the situation remains critical. The larger fire currently presents a risk to approximately 5% of the world's daily crude oil production, as reported by Rystad Energy yesterday.


In summary, the financial world has been met with a mixture of significant milestones and challenges. The Dow's symbolic 40,000-point ceiling breach represents a potential shift in market perceptions that may require a recalibration of how we define and assess economic indicators. The TSX is showing robust financial activity through a surge in capital raising efforts, albeit the IPO scene remains subdued. Reddit's shares surged as it harnesses the power of artificial intelligence in partnership with OpenAI. In contrast, Take Two faces a grim outlook due to the delayed release of its flagship video game.

Despite these varying economic tales, the Fort McMurray wildfire news brings a somber reminder of environmental challenges, though with a glint of hope as efforts to control the blaze show signs of success. The intersections of markets, technology, and the environment are undeniably shaping the narratives of our time.

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