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Dave's Killer Bread Unveils Organic Rock 'N' Rolls: The Heartier, Tastier Bread Revolution


Lauren Miller

March 21, 2024 - 20:23 pm


Dave's Killer Bread Unleashes Organic Rock 'N' Rolls; A Hearty Twist on Traditional Breads

MILWAUKIE, Ore., March 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Revolutionizing the bread aisle with their dedication to organic quality and full-bodied flavors, Dave's Killer Bread® proudly introduces its most recent creation, Organic Rock 'N' Rolls®. This fresh product launch targets the burgeoning consumer appetite for distinctive bread alternatives and marks the brand's inaugural venture into the national rolls segment.

Dave's Killer Bread Organic Rock 'N' Rolls Dave's Killer Bread Organic Rock 'N' Rolls Credit: Dave's Killer Bread

The unique Organic Rock 'N' Rolls are poised to become the go-to selection for those who covet a palatable, malleable roll packed with easily identified ingredients and the renowned, hearty texture of Dave's Killer Bread. Perfectly crafted with top-notch organic components such as whole wheat, barley, oats, and flax seeds, each roll delivers a hearty 12 grams of whole grains, coupled with 3 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein per serving. With an eye towards convenience and adaptability, these rolls are not only perfect for on-the-go snacking but also serve as excellent complements to meals or as the foundation for imaginative creations like Pesto, Chicken and Mozzarella Baked Sliders with Spring Greens.

Cristina Watson, the senior director of brand management at Dave's Killer Bread, sheds light on the evolving consumer patterns in roll consumption. She observes, "Our customers yearn for more than your conventional dinner roll. We recognized an unfilled niche for whole grain selections that don't compromise on taste. This inspired us to formulate Rock 'N' Rolls infused with our signature 21 Whole Grains and Seeds blend—an already beloved recipe amongst our devout followers, affectionately referred to as BreadHeads."

Dave's Killer Bread is unwavering in its mission to uphold the lofty expectations of quality and flavor that its patrons have come to anticipate. Consistent with the ethos of the brand, Rock 'N' Rolls are certified by the USDA as Organic, verified by the Non-GMO Project, and devoid of any artificial ingredients, preservatives, colors, flavors, high fructose corn syrup, and bleached flour. Available in 12-count packages, these rolls are retailed at an accessible price point of $6.99. Guests can find them at selected grocery chains nationwide, including Albertsons, Kroger, Sprouts, and others, as well as through the online giant,

About Dave's Killer Bread

Embarking on its journey to revolutionize the bread world with delectable whole grains in 2005, Dave's Killer Bread made its debut at the Portland Farmers Market. Today, it reigns as the most sought-after organic bread brand in the nation with widespread availability throughout the United States and Canada. Serving as the flagship organic bread under the Flowers Foods umbrella (NYSE: FLO), the brand has been a trailblazer within the organic seeded bread category and offers a robust assortment of 23 types of organic whole grain baked goods—all certified as USDA organic and verified as non-GMO.

Moreover, Dave's Killer Bread aligns its company ethos with social responsibility, particularly through its Second Chance Employment initiative—providing job opportunities to individuals with a criminal background. Impressively, one out of every three employee-partners at the Oregon bakery can attest to the transformative impact of this commitment. Discover more about the brand's story by visiting their official website:

Flowers Bakeries, LLC is the source behind this innovative venture, further emphasizing the trend towards healthier, tastier, and more socially conscious food choices in today's market. With the release of Organic Rock 'N' Rolls™, Dave's Killer Bread once again proves that wholesome ingredients and a dash of creativity can lead to products that not only satisfy hunger but also contribute to positive social change.

Wholesome Ingredients Meet Gourmet Taste

At the heart of the Organic Rock 'N' Rolls lies a dedication to pure, recognizable ingredients. The move to infuse the highest quality organic grains not only aligns with current health-conscious trends but also with an increasing demand for transparency in food production. With more consumers scrutinizing labels and seeking out foods that support a wholesome lifestyle, Dave's Killer Bread's latest innovation appears destined for success on both the health and taste fronts.

Each roll is infused with the same dedication to organic farming practices and non-GMO standards as the rest of Dave's Killer Bread's renowned product line. The resulting rolls burst with the complex flavors of hearty grains and the nutrient-dense benefits of seeds such as flax, bringing a much-needed freshness and innovation to the bread aisle that many consumers have been craving.

The rolls' high protein and fiber content ensure that they go beyond mere taste satisfaction. They offer a functional food that contributes to a balanced diet, perfect for health-savvy individuals who refuse to sacrifice flavor in the name of nutrition. It's an enticing combination that's likely to attract both existing customers and new crowds looking for a guilt-free way to enjoy bread.

Reimagining the Role of Rolls in Culinary Delights

Dave's Killer Bread's Organic Rock 'N' Rolls transcend the conventional uses of rolls in the culinary world. Far from being just a side to a main course, these rolls are designed to become a focal point in meals. The Pesto, Chicken and Mozzarella Baked Sliders recipe is just one example of the endless possibilities these rolls provide for creating innovative, wholesome meals.

The versatility of the Rock 'N' Rolls allows home cooks and professional chefs alike to get creative with their food. They can be used as a base for sliders or small sandwiches, adding a rustic, gourmet touch to the menu. Light yet satisfying, the rolls can pair perfectly with soups, salads, and a variety of spreads, making mealtime decisions both easy and exciting.

The underlying message is clear: bread can be both delectably complex and incredibly versatile. With Dave's Killer Bread's Organic Rock 'N' Rolls, every meal can be turned into an opportunity for culinary exploration and enjoyment without the typical burden of unhealthy additives found in many bread products.

Pioneering Social Responsibility in the Baking Industry

Alongside its dedication to quality, Dave's Killer Bread has been at the forefront of social justice in business, especially through its Second Chance Employment efforts. By actively recruiting and hiring individuals with a criminal background, Dave's Killer Bread breaks down barriers to reentry into the workforce and demonstrates a commitment to rehabilitation and community support.

This initiative not only uplifts individuals seeking a fresh start but also brings a depth of human experience and resilience into the bakery's culture. It's a choice that enriches the brand and exemplifies how a business can operate with a heart and a conscience. For the BreadHeads and consumers who value ethical practices, the support for Organic Rock 'N' Rolls goes beyond taste—it's about being part of a bigger movement towards inclusivity and second chances.

As Dave's Killer Bread continues to expand and innovate within the organic baking space, its commitment to social responsibility serves as inspiration to countless other businesses. The impressive ratio of employee-partners with a criminal background at their Oregon bakery speaks volumes about how the brand not only talks the talk but walks the walk.

A Seed of Growth in Organic Bread Choices

The trajectory of Dave's Killer Bread as America's top organic bread brand is reflective of a broader shift in consumer choices towards organic and non-GMO food products. Organic Rock 'N' Rolls™ are just the latest chapter in this success story, offering an alternative that speaks to current market trends and individual preferences for cleaner eating.

The emerging variety in the brand's bread and roll offerings symbolizes the potential for more growth and diversity in the organic bread market. With consumer appetites gravitating towards unique, nutritious, and satisfying options, Dave's Killer Bread is well-positioned to answer the call with innovative products such as Organic Rock 'N' Rolls™.

Adopting a mission to nourish bodies and souls with superior organic goods, the brand enriches the heritage of wholesome bread and rolls. As advocates of organic farming and non-GMO integrity, their expansion into new market segments with inventive offerings like Organic Rock 'N' Rolls™ reveals not only a burgeoning product line but a blueprint for others in the industry to emulate in creating nutritious, delicious, and responsible food choices for health-aware consumers.

Conclusion: Tasting Is Believing

In a world where organic and nutritious are prerequisites for many food products, Dave's Killer Bread's Organic Rock 'N' Rolls™ are poised to become a staple in households across the nation. With their delightful taste, nutritional value, and the brand's unyielding dedication to positive social impact, these rolls are more than just bread—they're a statement of what good food can and should be.

As Dave's Killer Bread continues to inspire bread enthusiasts and newcomers alike, one can only anticipate further groundbreaking offerings in the future. But for now, the wholesome goodness of Organic Rock 'N' Rolls™ invites everyone to experience what it means to enjoy bread that's baked with purpose, passion, and killer taste.