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Aurora in Sweden: The Pinnacle of Automotive Collectors' Elegance


Lauren Miller

March 28, 2024 - 07:41 am


Automotive Elegance and Excellence: Sweden's Aurora Sets New Standard in Collector Cars

BÅSTAD, Sweden, March 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Amidst the vibrant bloom of midsummer, a distinguished event is set to grace Sweden's most splendid botanical gardens. From July 5th to July 7th, 2024, The Aurora unfolds as a grand exhibition celebrating a blend of automobile history and modern marvels, promising to reinforce Scandinavia's prominent position in the echelons of international collector cars.

As eager enthusiasts and discerning collectors await, The Aurora opens its gates for ticket sales starting 12:00 PM CET on March 28th, offering an opportunity to witness automotive grandeur in a setting renowned for its natural beauty and historical significance.

The Aurora is the visionary brainchild of MOTIKON's Filip Larsson and his team, conceived with the intent to spotlight Scandinavia's rich cache of automotive wonders. "We aim to orchestrate an event of unparalleled prestige that brings into the limelight the extraordinary hidden motoring treasures of Scandinavia – a place where enthusiasts can celebrate iconic classics and the avant-garde hypercars of today in a round-the-clock festive atmosphere," Larsson elaborates on the event's philosophy.

The esteemed event enjoys the support and collaboration of industry leaders such as BMW, serving as the primary sponsor, and Koenigsegg, the principal hypercar partner. Paired with MOTIKON's classic car expertise, these partnerships anchor The Aurora as a must-visit event on the automotive calendar, a testament to a seamless fusion of heritage and forward-thinking.

Visitors can anticipate a time-traveling encounter as the beauty and craftsmanship of yesteryear’s classics meet the groundbreaking visionaries of tomorrow. This extraordinary event will glisten with the finest vehicles across the eras, from pre-war veterans to the quintessential boom-era designs of the 1950s, and extend to the heart-racing modernity of the latest supercars and hypercars.

An Automotive Tapestry: Showcasing Eras of Excellence

The Aurora promises a vibrant, dynamic program, thoughtfully segmented to celebrate different automotive epochs. Each day and into the night, the event will unfold a unique palette of sensory experiences for its guests. With an extensive agenda that includes day and night shows, guests will be treated to a weekend rich in car culture.

The Aurora Concours

Aurora Concours emerges as the focal point, featuring an exquisite-curated exhibition where international collectors unveil Scandinavia's never-seen-before automotive gems and other remarkable vehicles. These hypercars, venerated through eras, are hand-picked by the Concours Committee for their historical eminence and esteemed collectible status. A selected panel of expert judges will critically assess the vehicles, with awards bestowed on the concluding day for those in supreme preparedness and truest originality. Prospective participants are encouraged to visit to submit their entries.

The Aurora Hypercar Experience

The Aurora Hypercar Experience blends spectacle with exclusivity, inviting owners of the pinnacle in vehicular performance to exhibit at The Aurora and venture a memorable journey to Koenigsegg's Gripen Atelier. Here, they have the rare chance to engage with Christian von Koenigsegg, the brand's innovative founder and CEO, and put their exceptional vehicles to the test on Koenigsegg's private track. Coinciding with Koenigsegg's 30th anniversary, the event will proudly host an unmatched assemblage of the Swedish megacar manufacturer's creations.

The Aurora Showfield

A celebration of privately-owned motoring history, The Aurora Showfield invites automobile aficionados to showcase their rare and classic vehicles. Amidst the congregation of cherished vehicles, both spectators and proprietors will relish in the camaraderie shared by true automotive enthusiasts.

The Aurora Talks

Engagement and discourse take the stage at The Aurora Talks, where distinguished guests dive into contemplative discussions about hypercars, innovations, the prospective classics of tomorrow, and the preservation of our automotive treasures.

Setting the Scene: Embracing the Swedish Riviera

The Aurora finds its picturesque setting on the Bjärehalvön peninsula, a jewel of southern Sweden known affectionately as the Swedish Riviera. The central attraction is the spectacular Norrviken gardens, ensconced within the quaint fishing village of Båstad. Revered not only for its seaside gastronomy and vibrant summer social scene, but also for hosting the prestigious Swedish Open tennis tournament, Båstad is easily accessible from Ängelholm Airport and Copenhagen, thereby catering to a global clientele.

Categories of Excellence: The Scandinavian Concours

A spectrum of categories awaits competitors within The Aurora Concours, outlined by the Committee to celebrate history, heritage, and performance. These include:

  • "A Drive Down Memory Lane" – Vehicles from the dawn of motoring through to the 1980s
  • "Scandinavian Sensibilities" – A homage to Scandinavian automotive lineage
  • "Muscle Mania" – Celebrating American muscle and Pony Cars
  • "Pedal to the Metal" – Icons of performance motoring
  • "Mini Moons Ago" – Marking 65 years of the classic Mini
  • "Buon Compleanno, Maserati" – 110th anniversary of Maserati
  • "Spirit of Ecstasy" – 120th anniversary of Rolls-Royce
  • "Sleeping Beauties" – The modern classics that capture hearts
  • "Pushing the Limits" – A salute to hypercars through the ages

Forging Ahead: The Aurora's Progressive Outlook

With its roots firmly planted in reverence for automotive history, The Aurora also gazes keenly into the future. The event will serve as a platform for discussions regarding the electrification of classic cars, the development of e-fuels and alternative propulsion methods, the advent of cutting-edge automotive technologies, and conversations on the trajectory of the automotive landscape in the years to come.

Inaugural Impressions: The Aurora Debuts with Anticipation

The launch of The Aurora – The Scandinavian Concours marks a milestone in the celebration of global vehicular craftsmanship and culture. From the serene town of Båstad, the event extends a warm invitation to international guests to immerse themselves in a weekend encapsulating the spirit of motoring.

For a comprehensive insight into The Aurora, including information on tickets, application procedures for the Concours and Showfield, and general inquiries, visit the official website: Stay up-to-date and join the conversation by following @theauroraconcours on Instagram.

High-resolution media images of the event can be accessed via Google Drive, providing a glimpse into the scenic beauty and automotive distinction that define The Aurora.

For any additional information or press inquiries, please contact: Marcus Berggren Head of PR and Communications Email: Phone: +46 707 81 40 53 (Sweden) Phone: +1 305 978 4355 (International)

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Explore further details about The Aurora Scandinavian Concours at this link, highlighting the partnership that elevates The Aurora to the pinnacle of automotive presentations.

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SOURCE: The Aurora Scandinavian Concours

The Aurora is poised not only to be a spectacular event but also a significant moment for the collector car community worldwide. With a focus on luxury, craftsmanship, and the ingenuity of both past and future automotive designs, it ensures that the symphony of roaring engines and the elegance of sculpted metal will enchant the hearts of every guest who walks through its gates. Truly, an event not to be missed.