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Atlanta Housing Revolutionized by New Leadership Duo


Lauren Miller

May 17, 2024 - 10:29 am


Innovative Leadership Usher in New Era for Atlanta Housing

Atlanta Housing has embarked on a new chapter with the recent announcement of key leadership appointments to its Executive Team by Terri M. Lee, demonstrating a strategic commitment to revolutionizing affordable housing in a city ripe for progress.

Transforming Affordable Housing

ATLANTA, May 16, 2024 (PRNewswire) - The city of Atlanta is on the cusp of transformation in the affordable housing sphere, with the announcement made by Terri M. Lee that heralds the inception of new leadership within the Atlanta Housing's Executive Team. The two promising figures stepping into these crucial roles are Dr. Alan Ferguson, Sr., who enters the scene as the Chief Housing and Real Estate Officer, and Dwayne Vaughn, the new Chief Operating Officer.

Terri M. Lee ascended to lead Atlanta Housing in January 2024, setting her sights on fortifying the organization's ability to promptly deliver affordable housing for Atlanta's families. Lee's inaugural leadership appointments are a direct reflection of her vision for Atlanta Housing - to tactically push toward achieving strategic objectives, foremost of which is the establishment or preservation of 10,000 affordable housing units by 2027.

Lee's determination rings clear as she states, "Addressing one of the paramount issues of our era demands a complete reimagining of how we serve the residents of Atlanta. With Atlanta Housing adopting a stance of urgency to provide necessary services that elevate individuals, our goals are indeed lofty. To reach these objectives, a shift from transactional actions to transformative leadership is imperative. This could signify a cultural overhaul for this venerable institution, yet we are geared up to maximize our real estate assets creatively and inventively to maintain access to Atlanta for everyone, spanning all income ranges, eager to make this city their own. The impressive track record and reputation of leaders like Alan Ferguson and Dwayne Vaughn will foster this cultural evolution. Having Alan and Dwayne on my executive team marks a significant stride toward our shared goals."

Praise from City Hall

The support from city officials is apparent, as Mayor Andre Dickens acknowledges his collaborative efforts with Terri M. Lee and Atlanta Housing. Mayor Dickens expressed his affirmation, "My administration is honored by the partnership with Atlanta Housing as we strive to propel Atlanta into a city with opportunities for all. Terri's bold and timely decisions underscore the instrumental role Atlanta Housing is set to play in preserving our city's affordability for future generations. The caliber of leaders, such as Alan Ferguson, and the ascension of a seasoned executive like Dwayne Vaughn, underline the profound vision Terri has charted. I am eager to welcome them in their new capacities and anticipate a fruitful collaboration as we join forces to secure accessible, quality, and affordable housing for Atlantans."

Larry Stewart, the Chairman of Atlanta Housing's Board, also expressed enthusiasm for the new direction under Terri's leadership. "The board is exhilarated by the dynamism that Terri and her team bring, presenting novel avenues to propel Atlanta Housing’s mission. We look forward to welcoming Alan Ferguson to our team and deepening our engagement with Dwayne Vaughn as he makes the official transition to Chief Operating Officer from General Counsel."

The Visionaries of Housing

A New Chief Housing and Real Estate Officer: Dr. Alan Ferguson, Sr.

Dr. Alan Ferguson, Sr.'s appointment brings to Atlanta Housing a wealth of knowledge and proficiency in affordable housing, area redevelopment, and socio-economic development. As a fervently future-focused innovator for affordable housing in Atlanta, Ferguson's most recent leadership position was at Habitat for Humanity in Atlanta, Inc., where he triumphantly navigated the organization's resurgence post-pandemic, broadened funding mechanisms, forged new alliances, and embraced dense housing development strategies. His previous engagements at Invest Atlanta and The American Opportunity Foundation, Inc., solidified his expertise in generating diverse housing prospects and in revitalizing neighborhoods throughout the City of Atlanta. Ferguson's prior roles at Fannie Mae, playing a pivotal part in the American Communities Fund, saw him leading investments in housing and community renovation for the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions.

Ferguson's consistent devotion to concluding intricate transactions in housing, commercial real estate, business financing, and equity investments has greatly extended his acumen in community and economic development. He is a proud alumnus of Morehouse College with a Bachelor of Arts in Banking and Finance, possesses an MBA from The Goizueta Business School at Emory University, and a Master of Science in Real Estate from the J. Mack Robinson School of Business at Georgia State University. Notably, Ferguson has engaged in doctoral studies (ABD) in Real Estate Finance and earned a Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from The University of the Cumberlands.

Ferguson's exuberance shines through as he remarks, "Joining the stellar team at Atlanta Housing, under the adept guidance of Terri M. Lee, is a thrilling opportunity. Our shared belief is that quality housing transcends mere shelter—it is a catalyst for both individual and communal metamorphosis, an engine for rectifying inequalities, and a beacon for prosperity. The anticipation to not only sustain but also amplify the efforts of Atlanta Housing to create accessible housing for everyone is palpable." His stint as the Chief Housing and Real Estate Officer commences on June 3, 2024.

A New Chief Operating Officer: Dwayne Vaughn

Dwayne C. Vaughn's wealth of experience paints him as a seasoned leader, successfully transforming static organizations into lively, market-sustainable entities that serve households with honor, integrity, and equity. Vaughn, who served as the Interim COO for Atlanta Housing, has offered over three decades of intricate legal and operational experience, aiding boards, policymakers, and executives in elevating and refreshing programs and affordable assets. Before being appointed to the interim COO role, Vaughn acted as the General Counsel for almost three years, collaborating closely with the Board of Commissioners, CEO, previous COO, and the executive team, leading legal strategies for affordable housing and human development service initiatives.

With an extensive legal career spanning real estate, corporate, employment, and civil rights law, and numerous years in executive and senior positions with housing authorities in the Southeast, Vaughn's expertise is well-validated. His journey with Atlanta Housing began in 2021, following his tenure at Atlanta BeltLine, Inc., where he held the title of Vice President of Housing Policy and Development.

A notable graduate of Howard University, holding a bachelor's degree, and earning his Juris Doctorate from Rutgers University School of Law, Vaughn is equipped with a solid educational foundation.

Vaughn shares his optimism for his new role, stating, "As Atlanta Housing ushers a new phase that calls for ingenuity in facing today's fast-paced housing market, few objectives are as virtuous and vital as guaranteeing quality housing for the families of Atlanta. I'm gratified to dedicate my efforts as the Chief Operating Officer, improving lives across various socio-economic backgrounds. I am thankful for the trust Terri M. Lee has placed in me as we work towards her vision of an Atlanta Housing organization that uses housing as a springboard to economic prosperity."

Vaughn's role as Chief Operating Officer has taken effect immediately.

About Atlanta Housing

Atlanta Housing stands as a beacon of hope for thousands in Georgia, under the passionate leadership of Terri M. Lee as President and CEO. It represents the leading housing authority in Georgia and ranks among the largest nationwide. As one of the 139 Moving to Work (MTW) public housing authorities within the United States, Atlanta Housing distinguishes itself as an innovator among its peers. Its mission includes providing and facilitating resources for affordable housing to nearly 27,000 low-income households, encompassing around 45,000 individuals through owned residential communities, tenant-based vouchers, supportive housing, and other services. A significant facet of its operation involves helping more Atlantans achieve the dream of homeownership, with innovation driving such initiatives. The programs are backed and regulated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

For more information, visit Atlanta Housing at their official website, or keep up with their latest updates on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn via @housingatlanta.

SOURCE: Atlanta Housing

This news article is an embodiment of a renewed vision and advancing leadership for Atlanta's bright housing future. With the appointments of Dr. Alan Ferguson, Sr. and Dwayne Vaughn, Atlanta Housing is poised to tackle the affordable housing shortage head-on and continue its legacy of service to the community.