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Agave Revolution: Weber Ranch Vodka Embarks on Industry Disruption


Michael Chen

May 7, 2024 - 13:58 pm


Reinventing the Spirit: Weber Ranch 1902 Vodka Shakes Up Tradition

Nestled in the heart of Jalisco, a region historically celebrated for its tequila, a unique spirit is crafted that defies the norms of conventional vodka production. Texas-based Round 2 Spirits, a venture committed to developing groundbreaking and iconic new spirits brands, has unveiled its latest creation: Weber Ranch 1902 Vodka—exclusively distilled from the noble Blue Weber Agave. This innovative spirit is making quite the entrance in bars, restaurants, and retailers across the United States, setting a notable trend in an industry typically dominated by vodka made from staples like wheat, corn, or potatoes.

The meticulous process of producing vodka from Blue Weber Agave—which takes up to seven years to mature and requires manual harvesting in Jalisco, Mexico—stands in stark contrast to the mass industrial methods often used for traditional vodka ingredients that only take a few months to be ready for use.

A Distillation of Innovation

The conception of Weber Ranch Vodka is rooted in shaking up the spirits industry with genuine innovation. "Vodka is the biggest spirits category by volume in the U.S., but meaningful innovation and true disruption have been absent for too long," says Lee Applbaum, President and COO of Round 2 Spirits, LLC. The founders of Round 2 Spirits, who contributed to building Patrón Tequila into an iconic global brand, hold a profound appreciation for agave-based spirits, and it is this respect that has led them to distill a groundbreaking product in Weber Ranch Vodka.

By utilizing superior-quality Blue Weber Agave, they are seeking to deliver a smooth, clean flavor profile that distinguishes itself from competitors. The credo of their pursuit is clear: premium ingredients are the cornerstone of a superior product.

Crafting a New Legacy

The origin of Weber Ranch Vodka unfolds in Jalisco, Mexico, where the Blue Weber Agave is tendered under the warm sun until it reaches maturity. After a thorough hand-harvesting process, the agave is distilled in Jalisco before its journey to the Weber Ranch Distillery in Muenster, Texas. There, it undergoes a second distillation and filtration through bespoke copper pot and column stills. The final addition to its unique character is water sourced from the local Trinity Aquifer. This meticulous crafting leads to a gluten, carb, and additive-free vodka that boasts a remarkable clean taste profile and retains the bright citrus notes inherent to the agave plant, culminating in a smooth mouthfeel that is unparalleled in the vodka market.

Harnessing the Magic of Agave

Antonio Rodriguez, Weber Ranch's master distiller and the former production director at Patrón Tequila, extols the virtues of the Blue Weber Agave. "The plant is exceptional for crafting superior spirits, and that's not confined to tequila," he states. In using agave to distill vodka, subtle and smooth flavor notes of tropical fruit and citrus are captured, enhancing the spirit's suitability not only for classic vodka cocktails but also for traditional agave-based beverages. The spirit's incredible versatility is what sets it apart, according to Rodriguez.

Round 2 Spirits aims to identify scalable spirits categories that are primed for significant changes, and it is the recognition of this potential coupled with a passion for agave that has ignited the development of this singular vodka.

A Spirited Digital Launch

Marketed through a digital-first approach leveraging social engagement and e-commerce, Weber Ranch Vodka (80 proof) will be available nationally in bottle sizes ranging from 750ml to 1.75L. The spirit marks the inaugural product from Round 2 Spirits, setting the stage for what promises to be an innovative presence in the spirits industry.

Emblazoned with "F.A.C. Weber 1902" and graced by a custom cork-top evocative of a flowering agave, the Weber Ranch 1902 Vodka bottle pays homage to French botanist Frédéric Albert Constantin Weber, who documented the Blue Weber Agave in 1902.

For further details about Weber Ranch Vodka, including cocktail recipes and purchase locations, interested individuals can visit

Visionaries United by Spirit

Round 2 Spirits is the brainchild of five spirits industry veterans who, following an illustrious history of successful ventures, have embarked on this new journey in partnership. The founders' collective pedigree is unparalleled: John Paul DeJoria, a self-made billionaire and founder of Patrón Tequila and Paul Mitchell hair care, renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist; Ed Brown, the former CEO of Patrón Spirits whose management saw the brand's $5.1 billion acquisition by Bacardi Limited; Lee Applbaum, the former marketing mastermind behind Patrón Tequila and Grey Goose Vodka, with a 30-year career encompassing roles at notable companies such as Target Australia, Wheels Up, and Coca-Cola; Brad Vassar, bringing more than three decades of senior leadership in the industry, including 15 years as the COO of Southern Glazer's Wine and Spirits; and Dave Wilson, a 40-year industry connoisseur who formerly held the positions of President International and COO at Patrón Spirits.

Round 2 Spirits is more than a company—it's a collective of visionaries seeking to harness their amassed experience to carve out novel paths in the spirits market. For more insight into their endeavors, visit


The introduction of Weber Ranch 1902 Vodka is not just a product launch but a statement—a clear indicator that the spirits industry can continue to evolve and excite. The outcome of fusing a deep reverence for Blue Weber Agave with cutting-edge distillation processes leads to a product that not only stands out from the crowd but lays a foundation for future innovation. This spirit's uniqueness captures an essence that, when brought to market, raises the bar for what consumers can expect from their vodka experience.

As the founders of Round 2 Spirits propagate their vision in the digital age, they invite connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike to savor the craftsmanship and innovation that has gone into each bottle of Weber Ranch 1902 Vodka. The commitment to excellence and passion for agave are masterfully encapsulated in a spirit reimagined for modern tastes while paying tribute to the botanical discoveries of the past. It's not just vodka; it's a crafted homage to the noble agave plant and a bold statement within the spirits industry.

Round 2 Spirits, LLC, the source of this pioneering spirit, is an embodiment of determination and expertise, setting a new standard for innovation in the vodka category. Weber Ranch 1902 Vodka is more than a novel offering; it is the manifestation of a vision to redefine the boundaries of traditional spirits, challenging the status quo and inviting the world to taste the difference that agave can make. As the spirit makes its way into the market, it represents not just a new product, but the ushering in of a new era in spirits production.

For additional information and a taste of this bold take on vodka, Weber Ranch cordially invites enthusiasts to explore their offerings, imbibe innovatively crafted cocktails, and embrace the disruptive spirit encapsulated in every bottle.

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